blingbebe greetings - Betty & Don


Creating and transforming the ordinary into the amazing have always brought me joy. I’m a notorious crafter and up-cycler with a wickedly dry sense of humor and love of shiny, pretty things. I figure there’s a whole world out there that wishes for those touches of humor, joy and whimsy in their own lives.

That’s pretty much the “why” of blingbebe.

The “what” is vintage charm made with love. That’s the style you’ll notice in our “stuff.” Everything we do here is created with extra care and attention to detail for those specials in your life. There’s a touch of bling in what we craft, and our paper stock is weighty and rich. We’re not your usual greeting card company, as you can see. We’re the place you come to find a bit of handcrafted delight to brighten someone’s day, get a giggle (especially when you think you shouldn’t), and warm hearts.

As for the “how”, well, my mind is always swimming with beautiful, shimmering ways to make something that can morph the ordinary into the extraordinary. We use touches of silvers, tips of gold, metallic and sparkles in all of our “stuff.” We want you to feel as special as you genuinely are, so everything you’ll find in our line reflects that. From our greetings to our flashcards to our coasters and beyond, there’s a little bling in everything.

It all started in 2010 when I decided to give into what I love doing full-time: making glorious, fun and sparkly ways to share a moment, celebrate a friend and, well, say, “I’m sorry.”  (Groveling never looked so good.) I took all I had learned as a graphic designer in advertising and began making, for real, cards and paper products with our signature shiny touch and quirky view of the world. And I’ve never looked back.

Beautiful papers, whimsical and adorable designs, accents of bling and fun sentiments shared with warmth are the basis of blingbebe. We produce all of our products in small batches to give them that handmade feel and keep them the highest quality around. We’re luxurious and cheeky, obsessed with every detail and believe in giving you “the cards that you keep.”

Come in and discover the beauty that is blingbebe. I know you’ll be as delighted to experience our products, as I am to have made them.Save