Playing with [mostly] paper! 

Blingbebe Greetings is pretty much me, my husband and our 2 cats with occasional input from our grown children. I’ve been a graphic designer for over 20 years but creative always. As a child nothing thrilled me more than a brand new sketchbook. Too bad I was terrified to mark the pristine paper. You know what I'm talking about. 

My new-found-country-life has dramatically amplified my creative output. The closest Starbucks and shopping is a two hour drive so I have plenty-o-time to play with paper.

Alternate Title: This is What Happens When You Don't Watch TV

My focus had been on traditional greeting cards with a bit of BLING and a smidge of sarcasm but has shifted to my concept of modular, collectible greeting cards that I have named CARDzees! I am always playing with paper and I am always trying to dream up ways to create something new, graceful and functional out of paper. Sometimes the paper takes the form of tee shirts, mugs, parties... but you get the idea!

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