DIY CARDzees - 20 Blank Panels for Crafters


  • 20 white premium cardstock BLANK CARDzees™ panels, makes 5 greeting cards
  • 5 A2 envelopes, soft blue

Get your scissors & glue sticks ready...

Modular greeting cards, DIY version designed with card makers and scrapbookers in mind...  take your crafting projects to a whole new level with DIY CARDzees... stamp them, colour them, add photos, tape, sparkles, stickers... Get crafty with your CARDzees! DIY CARDzees are as unlimited as your imagination! Mix n' match u-cut graphics to make combos of cards.

©2020 Blingbebe Greetings. CARDzees™ owned by Blingbebe Greetings.
US Design Patent.

Make a ZIGZAG by alternating tabs inward & outward

Make a SQUARE by keeping all tabs facing outward

Join multiple CARDzees together for a greeting that goes on & on...

Get #10 envelopes here.